Klinky's adventure in search of gold nuggets and paydirt

    Hello my friends, I am Klinky a leprechaun from Northern Ireland.  As it would be my father has passed the clans magical pot of gold to me. I like many other leprechauns am now responsible for using my magic produced from my  pot of gold, to produce a rainbow to lead those who will follow to good fortune,  they may make a single wish. As it would, a way ward traveler has come; he set his gaze upon my pot gold to make his wish. As he laid his hands on me pot, I drew closer to hear his wish. Then suddenly, he grabbed me pointed ear. This is the only way to catch a leprechaun and steal his gold.


    That day left me with a great shame upon my clan, without my gold, the pot would no longer produce any magic, leaving me with no power, honor, or home. For many of months I wondered with my empty pot all over the lands. One very gloomy day a set my eyes upon a man resting under a black thorn tree with the biggest smile on his face. That man was playing the finest of tunes on his tin-whistle; it was the most irresistible and enchanting of tunes. At that moment I ran to the man and listen to his story of lands in America blessed with gold in such a way a man could fill his pockets full.


    That day was the day in 1892 I set off to the nearest of ports to make way to this placed called California. I arrived at the port without even a copper to my name with no way of paying for my passage aboard. As funny as it may be, I watched the deckhands load sacks of potatoes on board. Well lucky it was for me that my good fortune made its way in the form of a small lonesome solitary clover. As faith would have it that clover called to me, I reached to grab it and it fell in the sack. That’s when it struck me, this great idea; I shall stow-a-way in that sack of potatoes and make my way to California to fill my pot of gold.


    The voyage was rough; the roll of the open sea was worse than a belly full of spoiled haggis. At first it was ok and the potatoes were ok to eat, but quickly attacked unwanted guests. The smell of the potatoes as they rotted enough to curl the nostril of the most stout leprechaun I wished every day to make port and breath fresh air once again! One evening I woke up to the potatoes in the sack falling and jarring about. I though what is this is with all this commotion? With a loud thud and sharp jolt, the rolling stopped. I took out my flint and a cut a very small whole in the sack to peek out. Oh me oh my, my lucky stars, we made landfall.


    I thank the stars and kissed the ground 1,000 times, and then I grabbed my pot and made way to the nearest cover. Along the way I smelt the smoke of camp fires and tantalizing smell of roasting food! I walked closer and what did I see a few older men gathered around the fire telling gold found in the streams! I listened all night as they spoke of the great wealth within the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range nearby. I made way for the nearest town I could find to gather supplies.  Without money or gold poke it was near joke to get what I was needed to fill me pot with gold. I came across a man who hailed himself as miner Mike; his boots were in worn and torn so we made a trade. You see all leprechauns are cobblers so quick as a flick I fixed his camps boots in trade for a pack that contained what I needed to begin on my way!


    For many days I travelled, most days I walked leading that old mule because his head was hard as rock!  The mountains grew closer and closer and I dipped my gold pan in every creek, but there was nothing but scraps. How can this be? I think some miners got here before me! Down on my luck we stopped and off loaded the pack and my pot to let me mule take a wee drink. Right there I spied… clovers! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Could this be my luck? I grabbed my pan and dipped it in right there! I removed the big rocks with great anticipation and slowly panned that first pan in near desperation! What is this, it is gold! I screamed so loud the mule ran and could not be caught but I had gold and threw it into my pot. As I looked down into my pot, I saw a faint glimmer life was not looking like it would get dimmer! My magic is restoring, I just need more gold. Before I moved north to find better gold I tossed dirt right there for that spot in my lucky pot, as the magic returned to my pot I could forever to return, right to that very spot.


I sat my arse upon my pot, to write this limerick about this spot

Clovers showed me where to dig, to find that gold l that I did

Fines and flakes is what I found

Sure enough it can be found, when I pan that very ground

I took some of that dirt, but just a mound, so you can also enjoy a pan of that ground!

    I am Klinky the prospecting leprechaun heading to northern California Mother lode country!  As I wandered the trails I wished for my mule, As my poor feet were becoming quite funky! In every brook and stream I dipped my pan to see what I could see, the gold I was getting ‘twas of greater size, but it will take longer than I had hoped to fill my pot I soon realized. I lifted my head and what did I see? Clovers pointed me to my next spot I ran there with glee!  Right there like a sign from my Irish luck, I dipped in my pan and thank my lucky stars, this pan was much better I could soon be making bright gold bars! As I backed panned the last bits of light material off, right in top of my pan sat flakes that would make you scoff! I tossed some of this dirt in to my lucky pot, right from this very spot!  I panned for weeks and that ground produced some results! My gold fever gripped me and I felt the urge to move, Rumor has it that the Cascade mountains is where I will find my groove!

I sat my arse upon my pot, to write this limerick about this spot

I often ponder of what I have got, when I pan this very spot

The gold be good the gold be grand

As I look upon this pan, as it sits here well in hand

This gold be the best of this land, I saved so I could share it with my fellow man!

    The path became rough As I walked upon on a giant mountainous backbone towards the north. I wake up some mornings there is a mist, like the clouds are reaching down to me covering this spectacular sight. I got up early today and thank my lucky stars I did, there in the faintest of rainbows leading me towards my golden fortune. I met a few miners in a lonely pass, They spoke of Gold in Oregon fine as can be. We traded stories and bartered supplies, they wished good luck upon me! I picked up more food, and another mule stubborn as can be! The merchant with a snicker gave me a tip; lead the mule with a carrot on a stick. We have arrived in the south west of the Cascade Mountains but sadly today I am on foot, I ran out of carrots but found a babbling wonderful little brook.


    The passage was narrow the sides grow very high; it is a bit eerie in here but my spirits were high. Well look there!  I spied a shamrock in between quartz stringers.  I dipped my pan in that very spot; by my lucky stars there is a lot enough to pick up with my fingers!  Gold here is great but still I feel this place holds not my fate! I took a good portion of the dirt from that very spot and tossed it right into my magic pot. I am now setting north east to another mountain range onward to the Rocky Mountains time for a change!


I sat my arse upon my pot, to write this limerick about this spot

It’s not enough to fill me pot but it is much better than the last I got

The pans turn well with nimble fingers

Be sure to pan that ground when you find quartz stringers

For the gold will be coarse enough to pick up with your fingers!

     Today I ran across an old crusty prospector with a wagon load of strange looking dirt. I asked this man if I had reached the Rocky Mountains, he replied yes my strange friend, welcome to Montana. I asked this man how much gold he was finding and he replied that gold was a waste of his time. How could this be my mind wondered? He explained he finds only minerals and gems and was in need of money to make his way to Arkansas to look for more valuable gems.  I traded him a bit of gold for that load of new dirt he said had sapphires sure to be burnt! Before he had left he had shown me with heat these magical stones would become the colors of my rainbow!  Before we parted ways the man said to follow the Rocky Mountains West to a state called Washington, where he had heard stories of big nuggets in quantity. I set off on foot once again, my mule nowhere to be found! Soon I will have to stop off and resupply because I am Washington bound!


I sat my arse upon my pot, to write this limerick about this spot

In this dirt that’s in my pot, it’s fancy sapphires that I’ve got

This dirt don’t show my favorite yellow

But when you pan these stones Yeehaw! You’ll bellow!

The colors of my rainbow so it would seem, sapphires in them pans, will be seen!

     I have arrived hungry and tired in this place called Washington a place so big prospectors were marching in.  In this seemingly booming small mining town the talk of great gold is all around!  After a few weeks of searching I have found nary any gold. The prospectors here are tight lipped and stick to their fold. My feet are just aching, I am going to get another mule and I will get a second to toss into my magic pot in case the first stops listening. I picked up my mules headed northwest, I think I may have better luck in the Great white north if I tried my best! The land was called Canada a wild wild place! Fortunately, too this mule likes carrots, so we kept a good pace! We have been traveling for a many months now, a year has passed the year is 1863. This part of the country has such beautiful scenery! I stopped the mule for a break for the night. When I woke up the morning, that crazy mule has taken flight! What is with these mules they just don’t seem right!  I set off to see if I could find the mule whence I came across a narrow deer trail through the incredible forests of tall red pines. I neared the end of the trail where the deer had been crossing the water; I tripped over one of the roots of a red pine and went arse over teakettle but then I saw a sign. I got up to see a patch of clovers near this small back eddy. I dipped my pan right in and the gold was fast and ready! There is an abundance of gold here, I found my first nuggets near Mount Rainier! There were pickers and flakes and nuggets galore! Although his gold was great here and I wanted some more, miners here speak of nuggets as big as potatoes you know! They spoke of a funny grey metal in this place they call Canada. I filled my pot with some of this dirt, and set off for the great white north something I could not avert!


I sat my arse upon my pot, to write this limerick about this spot

When I fell I got a knot, this gold that’s here I got a lot

More abundant than my previous spot

This gold is a most buttery color of yellow,

I have gathered this golden candy, to share with you fellows!

    As I pushed further north the trees got bigger, more wildlife appeared I feared for my life wouldn’t you figure? It is quite a site to see big brown bears, elk and the mighty moose this land is rich as a golden goose! Then I saw it, a huge foreboding canyon, 1000 foot walls, the rocks and boulders are bigger then wagons. It is a bit of a shock to see this site so magnificent and some of the most dangerous land I have ever laid eyes on!  What is this? There is a rather large cat in the bush about to pounce. I thought quick and jumped into my magic pot, this leprechaun will not be got! The lion went away and I continued along my way whence I saw something ahead a small cabin I saw! I gave the mule a good kick to speed it along onward to that cabin I exclaimed in song! The rocks are too big and the far too slippery for the mule, he took one bad step and I was thrown from my mule, oh my lord I banged my family jewel! I came upon the cabin and was invited in the prospectors inside told me of these stories of this this strange grey metal heavy as gold they call it platinum. They told me of a man in the bush that wears a red hat and red cape who searched for this metal. How funny is this, I am man in the bush in a green suit how fitting! I will find this funny man and see what he is sifting. I set off towards this place they call Tulameen a wild land few have seen. I crossed this very large passage and followed it to a narrow canyon, when off in the distance I saw a man wearing all red. He looked like a giant and his voice was so loud it echoed in my wee head! What are you doing here he boomed, so I told him my story and with a laugh he said gold for your pot, that I can help you with I have plenty of room! He took me to his secret place where there was not much digging but more so breaking up cracks. The Gold was a butter yellow and big, it reminded me of the Yellow- man candy mother would give us as children as we would do a jig!


    These nuggets were big as big as button, now I won’t be eating mutton. I could not find a claim to own here the man in the red cape directed me north to the Klondike he told me to go forth. The day I left I told the man I would return one day to drink and pan! Some more whiskey some more gold soon as I can. He looked over and picked up a shamrock from his very best spot along with some of that dirt for my magical pot. He said here Klinky take this so you can remember this very spot. I was so taken a back, a miner so helpful deserved gift from my pot. I reached into my lucky pot and retrieved a big sack of that funny gray metal, right there in that spot he danced the finest of jigs and let out a below “Yehawww Klinky”  quiet funny that man but what a good fellow.  I set off for this Klondike in the distance I could still hear him bellow!


I sat my arse upon my pot, to write this limerick about this spot

As I break up this rock with pick the nuggets from the cracks I popped

I found these bits grayish metal in my pan they were caught!

I traded for these for nuggets of yellow so heavy they klunked when dropped

This dirt in my pot might be light, but with this dirt, you will have a golden night

This dirt in my pot is just right because the gold form this canyon of course is not light!

     It would seem I have taken a wrong turn on my way to the Klondike, I had ended up in a very flat place to the east of the young province of British Columbia. The locals call this place  Drumheller region of Canada.  I am not finding much gold but Lots of these bones of beasts as large as many of the rainbows I have seen in me day, and gems of a different kind One of these gems looks like my rainbow in a rock bound snail believe you me. I found a very nice spot here right next to a small clover patch, I tossed a bunch of this dirt in my pot so I can return some day to this very spot. This is homeland of the man in the funny red hat, with a cape I am sure for he mentioned a land of large bones and grandeur.  During me travels through this strange land of bones and rainbow snail rocks I heard word of gold once again nearer than the Klondike with golden nuggets of size! It is onto the Cariboo I surmise!

I sat my arse upon my pot, to write this limerick about this spot

These gems be good and also glad, this dirt in my pot I also have

For when you pan, you will be surely not be mad!

I got this dirt from the best of lads, sure enough to be worn with every fad

Round and bright oh what a sight, all these colors seem just right!

    There are many people heading the same direction as I am, they are all headed to the Klondike to seek their fortune in gold. I have arrived with a small group in this fort they call Edmonton.  We are being told that we must carry with us supplies totalling one ton!  I have arrived at the banks of a very wide river here. The gold was there but oh so fine it took a thousand pieces to buy a roll of twine! After many weeks panning I have now resupplied I have bought 3 mules to carry the big load that we had to take for the ride.  I have got word of gold being found in a place they call the Cariboo. I am taking this Over-landers Trails to take a boo! I must get some gold for my pot or this trip is for naught.  I came across the spot on a creek called Williams that a man named Barker apparently made millions! I found covered in magnificent clovers. I place on the creek; this Gold is very coarse I know you would like to take a peek! To keep on track. I have put some of this very rich dirt into my pot from this very spot! I am moving onward towards the Klondike this will be quite the hike!!!

I sat my arse upon my pot, to write this limerick about this spot

I will tell you of this spot, about the dirt I put in my pot

Williams’s creek was the well-known spot!

Where I got that rich dirt for my pot!

For when you pan this dirt it won’t be bleak,

The gold be great at William’s creek!

    I am on the trail back to New Westminster; I have to jump aboard a steam ship to take the all water route to a port of St. Michael Then I will be onward to the Yukon River towards Dawson City and the Klondike! Along this route, I ran into the biggest of shamrocks I had ever seen, I thank me lucky stars. The anticipation of panning this creek had got the best of me as I reached into my pot to get my pan. I pulled out a very unruly and angry mule, he quickly ran off not forgetting to give me a kick in the arse as he stormed off I tell you these mules will be the death of this leprechaun! I dipped my pan now and got on one knee, I slowly dipped it into this river you see and then turned my pan with glee as the gold was the sweetest sight my eye could see. The lumps of gold and a chunk or three! There is so much gold in the pan that I knew I was close soon I would no longer be on the lam! I panned a long while and tossing the dirt into my magic pot from this very spot, and gold be grand enough almost to fill it from precious spot! I hear stories of a greater find than this, surely these stories are amiss! I am heading towards the Klondike and a placed called Dawson in the hopes of finding my fortune!


I sat my arse upon my pot, to write this limerick about this spot

On a steam ship I gave it a shot, in hopes of filling up my pot

I have found the best gold yet, I hope I don’t get shot!

When I panned in the Yukon River OH what a spot!

I saved this dirt within my pot to share the experience that I have never forgot,

The pans are heavy I promise you there is a lot, this time I almost filled my pot!

    What a long journey it was! Oh such a relief to arrive in Dawson, the Klondike was a trip of a lifetime! Over the sea and through the mountains I did climb! The miners here are toughest of men, for all of them have endured the pain and struggles of most men times 10!  I have panned many creeks and the gold is the best I have found but am still searching for my sacred ground.  Today was a day I have restored my entire honor, I have filled my pot and my magic power!  As I was panning, my pot tipped over and 2 very angry mules came barreling out of it through the clovers!  A good deed they were not thinking over! These mules were ticked and came at me with a mighty kick! When I landed on the ground I picked myself up and looked around, then I saw it, it was the greenest around! My gaze dropped down what I saw was profound! A 4-leaf clover just on the next gravel bench over! I said a quick thank you for what I had found, then I dipped my pan where the water abound! This was the heaviest of pans that I had ever found. The nuggets were as big as me leprechaun eyes, there were chunks and pieces and flakes no lies! I bought this land and set up my claim to share with everyone all this fortune and my leprechaun name, I am now known as Klondike Klinky here, please stop by and we will enjoy a beer. I have tossed most of this dirt into my magic pot to share with the world, all that I got. I shall now cast many rainbows to lead you to gold, so you may make your wish and so that one day your story can be told!

I sat my arse upon my pot, to write this limerick about this spot

4 years since he lost his gold, he went too far lands little known,

With bigger Klondike Klinky panned the creeks full of gravel and stone!

This prospecting leprechaun has found his spot to fill his magic pot,

So that his friends and the world may share in all of his golden spots!

I hope you have enjoyed me story please take a gander at what I have to offered you with no candor, may your days be golden as you pan this dirt I have rolled in!