Klondike Klinkers Fine Gold Recovery

This is a fantastic clean up unit for reducing your material down to a manageable amount of highly concentrated black sands and gold. We designed this unit to use what we feel is the best fine gold recovery mat on the market. Simple to use and very easy to clean off.  At any point you can stop the pump, slide the mat out and clean it off fast, slide the mat in and get running again.  

We have powder coated this unit so it lasts, is easily storable, and has the ability to be used indoors.

Our clean up system works fantastic at reducing 1 gallon of cons down to 1/8 of a cup of material in minutes. 


We made sure this unit has the ability to run 12 volt or be plugged into the wall so you can use it at home or take it with so you have power options, and all you need is a phillips screw driver to disconnect the adapter! 



Classify material down to 12 mesh or below. We typically try to reduce the material to 1/2 or 1/3 the size of the hole in the cells on the Dream Mat so as to not clog the cells up. 

Put material on wet 

Add a few drops of Jet Dry to the water.

Keep the pump suspended (off the bottom) so you don't suck up dirt in the pump. It will make the pump last much longer.

Use a small bin, that fits in the 17 gallon bin, to catch the tailings so you can rerun it, and keep it out of the pump.


System includes:


2 bolts, 2 nuts, 2 wing nuts (leveling on the back of the system) 

1 hose

1  1100 gph pump

2 hose clamps

1 converter so you can plug the pump into the wall or run a 12 volt battery.

1 Micro Dream Mat

1 front support

1 water supply connection.

1 mesh that evens out water in the header box.


The last picture is a bin you can find at Home Depot, 17 gal. This bin has 2 holes in either side, and our units leveling bolts fit perfectly into them. (bin not included) 

We decided to exclude the bin due to the very high extra shipping cost, when nearly every state has a Home Depot with these 10 dollar bins, saving a ton of money. 

Klondike Klinkers Fine Gold Recovery

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