Before we even became Klondike Klinkers out very first paydirt contained rough Opal. Many people love opal but do not have the time or tools nessisary to cut and polish this stunning Gem. We have made 40 bags in total consiting of gems, cut opal from earring to pendant sized cut and polished very high quality Etheopian "wello". Some of these bags will also have gold, all will have Opal and gems. 

This was our flagship product we have now stepped up for a limited time with cut Opal.

** Because this Opal has been professionaly cut and polished we have to protect it by putting it into our small clover ziptop bags. 

4 oz bag 

Opal Bags

SKU: Opal



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    Here at Klondike Klinkers we know how hard it can be to find a reputable pay dirt supplier, because we have been in your shoes. Klondike Klinkers offers a valuable, entertaining, and educational product at an exceptional value. Our pay dirt carries a minimum guarantee of raw placer gold, with the added benefit of bonus bags that will put an enormous smile on anyone’s face. We provide thousands of bags of pay dirt each year, and the proof is always in your pans