3 dimentional Vanadinite speciment on matrix. This piece is out of this world, highly sought after specimens of vanadinite like this one are hard to come by. 

This Vanadenite specimen is from Taouz area in the Er Rachidin Province of the Meknes-Tafilalet Region of Morocco.

Found in the oxidation zones of lead deposites. This Vanadinite specimen consists of a psilomelane and goethite matrix that is covered with black stalactite formations of Gem RED to orange vanadinite crystals. Vanadinite forms in hexagonal shapes. When looking for the ideal Vanadenite you are looking for large and red in color, the larger the better, and as red as you can get. 


This specimen has many large hexagonal formations and red to orange in color with great matrix to disply the Vanadinite! 


Stunning Vanadinite On Matrix

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