Turn Your Placer Gold Into Cash

Here is where you learn exactly how to get the most for your gold!

We know you want to get the most for your gold and we are here to help. Make sure your gold is clean and dry (we only pay for gold weight). DO NOT JSUT SEND US GOLD, PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM SO WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE EXPECTING.

Our process:

1.       We receive your package (photo/video opening it)

2.       We do a quick gold test to make sure it is gold

3.       We screen the gold to 2 sizes using a 12 mesh screen (anything falling through is 85% of spot, what remains is 87% of spot) Do not get taken, your chunky gold is worth more!

4.       We clean your gold running a magnet over the dry gold to remove all magnetic material.

5.       We then visually inspect the gold to see if we have to remove any sands or debris from the gold, WE ONLY PAY FOR GOLD.

6.       We then dry the gold weigh it up and take pictures of it on the scale and pay you!

Here is our example calculation:

30 grams of gold received (example gold spot price of 1,200) screened to 15 grams over 12 mesh and 15 grams under 12 mesh.

1,200 x .85 =1,020 (under 12 mesh) 

1,020/ 31.1 =$32.80 rounded up! Per gram x 15 grams =$492

1,200 x .87 =1,044 (over 12 mesh)  

1,044/ 31.1 = $33.57 rounded up! Per gram x 15 grams = $503.55

You would receive $503.55 + $492 = $995.55 Total! If we have to remove black sand, sand, mica, garnet, pyrite THE WEIGHT YOU SENT IN WILL CHANGE!


Do yourself a favor and make sure your gold is clean and real, no surprises!

** Spot price is based on the day we receive your gold!



Consignments: Klondike Klinkers offers this service were we sell your items such as Jewelry, fossils, gold, gold nuggets, equipment, coins with a 50% fee of the total sales. this covers the time, fees, and shipping during the sale of your items. 


We send you a payment via pay pal (fast method) but PayPal will charge you 3%.

Money order 

We send a Money order by mail ($2.50 charge) (slower method).


Here are our recommendations to you. Glass vials break in the mail! You can pick up clear zip top bags in most crafting sections for 1-3 dollar for 100 bags.  Put your gold in 1 bag, then another (a little scotch tape to hold the bag folded over and you are good!

DO NOT TELL ANYONE WHAT IS IN THE PACKAGE! Keep the honest people honest!

Put the gold in the bags in a bubble mailer in a flat rate envelope (personal choice because its insured/ tracked and if you like signature confirmed) You can add insurance if you like that is up to you.



We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have! We are here to help you in a smooth transaction to get you some cash for your gold, please call because you will have a better understanding of what we do and what you will get roughly before you ever send anything!