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Here at Klondike Klinkers we know how hard it can be to find a reputable pay dirt supplier, because we have been in your shoes. Klondike Klinkers offers a valuable, entertaining, and educational product at an exceptional value. Our pay dirt carries a minimum guarantee of raw placer gold, with the added benefit of bonus bags that will put an enormous smile on anyone’s face. We provide thousands of bags of pay dirt each year, and the proof is always in your pans


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Best Gold Pay Dirt From Fans

February 3, 2017

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March 16, 2016

                A lot of people have been asking how they can find a location near them to find gold.  There is no gold here, that may be the case but there are other minerals to be found too. One our favorite sites to do research on is http://www.mindat.org/ .  This is a free site that allows you to search for minerals by location. Although it can be a bit tricky at times, we will explain how we get around before we ever put a shovel in the ground.


                Logon to the site Mindat.org , on the top bar there is a tab called advanced search (click it). This will bring up a new tap where you can enter minerals. In the (mineral name section) type gold then in the (locality name section) type in the state you live then click search.  It will bring up a list of names /locations, find one that you recognize (some of them you will not know) just find something (town or county you know, the closer the better) Here is a hint: at the end of each sentence is a generally the name of the state it is located (many are mines or gravel pits with a name near you but located in another state).


                Here is our example: mineral Gold, Locality Wisconsin, click search. On page 2 of the list that came up we found “Plum Creek placer mines, Nu