Well where to begin?

I guess we will start with the day my father told me he was born on and air force base in Anchorage Alaska. He was very excited because that meant he was entitled to land as a native because Alaska was not yet a state! Off he went with the dream of opening a claim and finding some gold! Although I never got to see this ground, I have seen the pictures of a younger version of him happy as dirty old prospector with a little yellow in the pan. This is the part that I remember as a kid. Gold, oh the gold you can get rich, be your own boss, and live the dream life, lol I get the dream part lol.

Here is the fictional part, but it’s a good story, stick with me! After graduating high school I set off to find my riches in gold in Alaska. I arrived with the hopes of finding all the gold I could carry, but that soon became evident that a small time begging prospector with a pan, sluice, shovel, and a few buckets that gold is as elusive as it can get! One day I hear there is gold all over the creeks and streams in this place called the Klondike! Off I went as fast as my small vial of meager findings would carry me.

For about a year or so I worked doing whatever I could to save enough to buy my very first mining claim. Claim filed and staked, I hit the ground with every oz. of prospecting strength I could muster. Months pass as I realize that this ground had been worked over with the force of a modern day gold rush! Down on my luck I began to pack up to head home dirty and broke. About this time in Ireland a little leprechaun just became a man; he had finally filled his pot of gold and become a real leprechaun with a rainbow. This little guy was always pulling pranks and having just a good old time. One day he set off to pull the biggest prank, he could on a few unsuspecting lads. He set off for the day and had his fun but upon returning he finds no rainbow or pot of gold. This is as devastating as losing your prize possession as it gets, especial for a leprechaun. Now he cannot even be a real leprechaun, what is he to do? Down on his luck he is forced to move and do what he knows best. He had to repair shoes all day. He did not like this very much.

Months passed and he grew such distaste for this cobbler’s trade, he would do anything to just fill his pot of gold again and regain his pride! Well one day the daily post arrived with a quick toss and slide across the floor stopping at his feet. He picked it up and there was a rather large article about the Klondike gold rush. His ears perked up smile began to grown and with a flash he was gone. He arrived in the Klondike only to find out that leprechauns are not allowed to file mining claims! What a kick in the stomach. He set off down the road mumbling so load you could hear it for miles. As he walks down the road kicking rocks and mutter every know form of gibberish he could, he glances to the left only to see a dirty, grumpy, unhappy man.

He walked over to the man and said “lad what is with the frown, you have this claim and you are a free man”. I quickly said there is no gold there is neither fortune nor happiness to be had. I hear a loud squeaky, almost historical laugh belt out of him. I am just offended as all get at this point. He said that is because you are digging in all the wrong places. What do you know little man? He said “I go by the name Klinky, what be yours”? I said Ray. He said let me make you an offer that might benefit us both! He told me his story a then offered his services to me for gold as his pay, of course. What are the terms? He says lad I will find the gold you just file the claims! I laughed so loud he nearly shot out of his little hat and dropped his pack. Well let me prove it to you lad. I said well I leave in the morning so you better be quick. Off he went over to an area so riddled with tailings, it was a joke. A few minutes pass and I hear get over here lad! I walk over and he say here it is what I said? Your proof, well where is it I say. He says “proof is in my pan”!

There it was, gold of all sizes fine gold, chunky gold, nuggets, pickers, and oh the flour gold. All I could do was smile at this little man with his gold tooth and green clothes with a pick, pan, and shovel on his back. I reached out my hand and said we have a deal there Klondike Klinky! As the years passed he still helps out and with his magic he can go anywhere! Even Australia where he finds some the best nuggets I have ever seen and he still drops off parcels of opal to me, Klinky knows I have a fondness for them. Our deal is he puts me on gold and I sell it in paydirt to keep us mining and fill his pot of gold. Last year he produced a double rainbow there was so much gold in his pot! Pride restored and gold be found this is how I met Klondike Klinky and became Klondike Klinkers!

Hope you all enjoyed the story! KK

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