Klondike Klinkers Now Has Silver!

Klinky here with another great collectors tip! Those of you into coin collecting or even stacking silver. The hunt for silver is on!

With today’s silver spot price of $18.14 per oz. as of 3/28/2017 Silver is a low budget investment these will put some weight in your safe! Those of you that were collecting silver in 2002 have seen the huge profit potential of silver since it was around $5 an ounce!

Collecting silver can be fun and rewarding as many of you have seen that silver is also another great bartering medium for the average collector.

Tip of the day! Sterling silver is another great way to collect silver JUSTMAKE SURE IT IS NOTPLATED STERLING SILVER!

SILVER COINS ALL ADD UP TO OUNCES OF 40% AND 90% SILVER, not to mention the added value of key dates, mint marks, and errors!

Check out Klinky’s silver shop by clicking the picture!

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