Just a kayak,pan, supplies and an adventure!

Recently I have been working on an over night trip plan for an over night kayak gold prospecting trip. With all the mega rain recently, the water is very high. These Wisconsin creeks wind through the woods like a serpent and eventually end up in the river. I am willing to bet I can launch this lime Green kayak and take a 50 mile back woods gold panning trip for little to no cost.


App for checking in via gps for family

Supplies/ gear (50 pounds)


Power bank

Prospecting gear

Kayak mods .... mostly tie off rope/ anchor

Life vest

Boots/ water shoes


Mosquito spray

Small fishing rod

It's important to check the weather and have a plan that others know about (trip app that pings the phone and updates everyone)

I bet there are areas that many have not traveled in a long time if ever from the creek to river !

Have you ever done this? How was it? Any recommendations?

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