Where is the Best Place to Buy Gold Paydirt?

Most everyone interested in purchasing paydirt has googled the topic of where to buy the best gold paydirt and come up with a variety of search results. What one is the best? The real answer fall some where between what you are looking for as value and the experience you want to receive from it. Here is the biggest myth about paydirt everyone should know and understand!

Unsearched paydirt is a huge misleading concept. For instance imagine your out panning for gold and you find a nice pan of gold. Why would anyone sell it for less then it is worth or not pan it to find out what is in it? The reality is that you would have to buy about 3,000 pounds to receive $20 worth of gold! We bet your thinking wow, at $20 for a typical yard of dirt that is what a commercial mine with millions invested is after. Buy a mine, equipment, and supply workers on ground that produces enough gold to pay the bills and have some left over as profit and able to do all the repairs for the next year eventually paying off all initial investment.

Most of the gold from these mines has to be sold quickly to pay bills...gas, employees, taxes those types of things and the only way to do that is gold buyers for raw gold and refined gold, like electronics and bullion. These two industries leave anywhere from 30 down to 10% of that gold as unrefined raw gold making it more rare. You can buy bullion just about anywhere online but pay dirt with actual value is more rare to come by, leading the consumer to experiment and go off blogs or reviews for where to buy the best gold paydirt.

Here is Klondike klinkers recipe for the best gold pay dirt!

Find the best gold bearing ground, carry down buckets and a shovel to screen approximately 800 pounds of wet and classified to 1/4 inch dirt and load it into the truck. Once it arrives at the shop take out a 50x50 foot tarp and dump it all out spreading it evenly and as thin as possible to let the sun dry it. Scoop it all back up and store it away. This requires about 83 man hours to complete every 3 months to stock pile enough dry dirt to last through the winter months where the ice keep you from getting more.

Klondike Klinkers is family owned and operated from shovel to delivery. We feel that the dirt is the most important base as it contains the mineralogy any prospector would find, and in the pan it will react the same way your pan will in the creek, stream, or river. Here is the second most secret paydirt tip, the terms guaranteed gold, actually means they have added gold to ensure you get gold. If you remember the part in this blog about the amount of gold in a pound, just remember that is next to nothing unless you have added gold.

Klondike klinkers gold recipe

Great authentic dirt check, now its time to add the gold! Here at Klondike Klinkers we do our very best to add as much gold as we can based on the current gold price including the increased gold price as gold size increases. We will take a moment right here to explain that any business from a restaurant to day care must charge 30% more to say alive. Of that, fees, taxes, packaging, shipping, gold cost, and all other over head is added in to total the final price of goods. Gold cost can go from 95% up to an alarming 200% of spot market depending on the size, location, or rarity of it.

Klondike Klinkers only adds in gold from the Klondike region of the Yukon that has been gently cleaned of dirt so you are not paying gold price for dirt! Using a variety of gold from gold dust to gold nuggets to bring that surge of excitement to you while you are panning Klondike Klinkers. We do not believe in the same gold amount in every bag because that is not suitable for an entertainment product that recreates normal days and great days panning. We also have minimum requirements to ensure you get value for the money you have paid.

Why you and your feed back matter?

We love to hear from you and see all the pictures of happy people panning for gold, testing equipment and interested in gold prospecting. It runs in our blood and the miner's that supply us with the gold that they once dreamed of finding before they took that leap of faith, hoping to strike it rich and have job freedom where they live by their own hard work and determination to bring home the gold!

Our beloved Klondike Klinky

Klinky came to be our mascot since I am Irish and he is a character drawn to resemble me, "Honest Ray". Some clients and friends will call me that because i will tell you like it is. I will tell you information to help you make educated decisions even if it leads you to a purchase from some where else because it is the right thing to do. The following photo was submitted from a friend and client Terry P. Who I have had the pleasure of prospecting with and lead me to find an untested location where I later made the video on YouTube: Klondike Klinkers Dream Mat Sluicing. That was a fun day and here is Terry's photo from several bags of pay dirt, as he was the first to write Klinky in 1- 1.5 oz of Klondike Klinkers gold!


Thank you Terry and thank all of you for taking the time to read this blog, we hope you found value in this rather length ready. Have fun be safe, and find some gold!

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