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Here at Klondike Klinkers we know how hard it can be to find a reputable pay dirt supplier, because we have been in your shoes. Klondike Klinkers offers a valuable, entertaining, and educational product at an exceptional value. Our pay dirt carries a minimum guarantee of raw placer gold, with the added benefit of bonus bags that will put an enormous smile on anyone’s face. We provide thousands of bags of pay dirt each year, and the proof is always in your pans


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February 3, 2017

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December 13, 2017

Our goal here is to educate or provide information on pay dirt and gold to the best of our ability for the consumer. With many years of buying and selling gold it is only fair to provide what really takes place in the gold world. Many seekers of paydirt offend turn to Youtube or reviews for feed back so they can make the best educated decision on where to make a purchase. After all it is your hard earned money you spend on a hobby. 


A common myth as some have claimed is gold is purchased for less then spot! This is some what true but not really if you are lucky enough to find cheaper gold, it is usually dust for about 95% of spot. But also remember there is usually shipping and insurance that literally take that up to 100 to 110% based on gold size right off the get go. Some reviews claim gold buyers pay as low as 60% and that is like finding a pallet of gold bullion, free for that taking and a forklift waiting to lift it into a free new truck. 


Nugget size and price can be compared to walking a parking lot looking for money, we often find pennies, maybe a nickel, dime, quarter but vary rarely f