How to Get the Best Price On Gold

Most people are looking to get the best deal possible to receive the most amount of gold they can for their money, how is this done? In most situations the more you buy the more you save but there are a few extra ways to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Here at Klondike klinkers we are often asked how can I save some money or get more gold for what I have to spend? This process takes a little longer due to 2 way shipping but it will save you the most amount of money possible!

Step one is to calculate the current spot price of gold. figure out what size gold you are looking for. Gold dust will give you the biggest bang for your buck closing in at spot price plus shipping and Insurance. Here is the deal with insurance, it cost more but if for any reason the package is lost (highly unlikely) it is 100% covered.


The way you pay can save you a lot of money because there are fees involved with processors like pay pal. By sending a check, once it clears you will save the most amount of money because there are no fees. The down side is it will take time to send,receive and clear payment, but you will save hundreds.

Orders over 5 oz will save you the most and put you closer to making money of a gold investment. For example say gold is at 1,200 per oz and that is what you pay give or take shipping/insurance. when gold goes up like it has this last year from 1,250 to 1,350 you literally would make $100 per oz on the investment.

If your not into investments and just looking for a large scale test to zero in your equipment with your preferred mix of gold, this same savings method applies. Most will use the smallest gold they can due to the rate of the gold dust traveling out of equipment but if you can zero in and catch it, you will catch the bigger stuff!

We only recommend sending a check after you speak with trusted gold dealer because price and its safer to buy from someone you trust.

Klondike klinkers has provided hundreds of oz of the cleanest gold over the years by request. After all who doesn't like more gold for the money? It just takes a check a stamp and a little more time to process due to shipping time.

If you would be interested in oz or multi oz pricing please feel free to contact us or call directly. We process thousands of orders a year. Contacts can be found at the bottom of every page and the cellular number is the fastest way to reach us, if we are unavailable please leave a message, phone number, and best time to return a call.

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